OPI Flex Silver/Moss 220/280 甲面銼

OPI Flex Silver/Moss 220/280 甲面銼
Views: 1101 品 牌︰ OPI
型 號︰ OP-T014
積 分︰ 45
庫存狀態︰ 有庫存
購買數量︰ 加入購物車

OPI produce high quality and highly pigmented shades they also carry a huge range of colours and are constantly adding more collections and core shades. Also they create many nail treatments and accessories designed to help improve the condition of your nails.

  • Gives the nails a smooth surface finish
  • Can be used to smooth and shape natural or artificial nails.
  • Removes any scratches or imperfections that may already be on the the nail surface.
  • Can be used on natural nails or enhancements to prepare them for lacquer.
  • Can be used on the cuticles with its soft foam and cushioned buffing surface.




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